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Shoemaker does not paint the outside.

Friends… How many of us have them. Friends… ones we can depend on.

That’s a song somewhere long done and gone. A song that’s dead rotten stink and forgotten. Does anyone remember, even who sang it? I certainly don’t. Like sand through the hourglass, so is the expiration date of that song. But friends… ones we can depend on; those folks last forever and a day. A day, plus forever. Friends.

Outdoors Sketchbook

Fleeing Chateau D’If

The Count of Monte Cristo

Tommy’s Holiday Camp starts off welcoming with Uncle Ernie singing:

“The camp with difference, never mind the weather! When you come to Tommy’s the holiday’s forever!”

Queue whistling.

It all eventually goes to pot, what doesn’t when family is involved. But at a certain point, Tommy becomes free and delivered from his silent darkness. No more locked doors or stifled screams. Once the locked doors open and Tommy could scream, he throws aside his abusive family and becomes master of his kingdom. I’m with you, Tommy. I am finally at that point.


Mother’s Clay Cup

And the Ideal Pen

This is the third attempt to bring the pens and pencils to life. I’ve become comfortable with the inanimate objects. They are my friends.


Mass Panic at the Disco

Give me a break, you stupid pear!
Look at me! Eraser!
Erase her?! I hardly know her!

And so it goes. Another feeling hurt. What?! Save it! It’s still breathing! Clear! One one thousand. Clear! Six one thousand. Million Dollar Man. And so it goes. Another hurt feeling bites the dust. Toe up.