Anime Inspired Favourites Sketchbook


Seeing It

Exhausted. Can’t see straight. Need a break. Need to rest. Need to put this down and just rest. Right here. Go on without me. I’ll catch up in a bit.

Anime Inspired Comic Book Inspired Favourites Sketchbook



Comic Book Inspired Sketchbook

Looking For Something To Happen

Trouble in the Hen House

Who left the door open? Now all the riff-raff will come streaming in! Cats and dogs! Living together! Total chaos! What’s the solution now? I’d like to know!

Sketchbook Udu

Where’s The Night?

No Time

Division of dooties. I have my dooties to do just as you do. Do you have dooties to do? Why, yes indeed, Sir! Indeed I do.

Comic Book Inspired Sketchbook

What Does A Yellow Light Mean?

Slow Down

All this garbage! Who is going to pick this up? She asked. Not I, said the pig. Not I, said the cow. And so she picked up the garbage.