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Shoemaker does not paint the outside.

Friends… How many of us have them. Friends… ones we can depend on.

That’s a song somewhere long done and gone. A song that’s dead rotten stink and forgotten. Does anyone remember, even who sang it? I certainly don’t. Like sand through the hourglass, so is the expiration date of that song. But friends… ones we can depend on; those folks last forever and a day. A day, plus forever. Friends.

Comic Book Inspired Sketchbook

Looking For Something To Happen

Trouble in the Hen House

Who left the door open? Now all the riff-raff will come streaming in! Cats and dogs! Living together! Total chaos! What’s the solution now? I’d like to know!

Sketchbook Udu

You’re the Inspiration

You’re the meaning to my life. When you love somebody. ‘Til the end of time. 🤘🏽



Before listening to Originals (Prince Album):

While listening to Originals (Prince Album):

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